About Us

Vesta specializes in the creation and operation of well-managed and high quality affordable rental housing communities. As a developer, manager, and long-term owner of affordable housing, Vesta creates success through innovative financing, nimble decision making, and the strength of its experienced team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Successful completion of any transaction requires decisive action based on astute assessments, combined with timely, flexible responses to changing conditions. Quality is paramount in Vesta’s approach to affordable housing. Vesta distinguishes itself as a developer and manager by creating and preserving quality affordable housing for its residents while meeting or exceeding the expectations of its partners and investors. Vesta has a long track record of successfully delivering what has been promised. Vesta currently owns and/or operates 55 affordable housing communities, including over 9,500 apartment homes in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Vesta is highly experienced in all aspects of affordable housing development, finance, and management, including effective use of federal, state, and local government assistance programs including:
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program
  • Section 8, project-based as well as certificates and vouchers
  • The HOME Program
  • Tax exempt bonds
  • FHA mortgage insurance
  • Various HUD and other federal grant programs
  • Freddie Mac credit enhancement
  • Numerous state and local financing and rental subsidy programs